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IBOLC Leader Smartbook

IBOLC- Infantry Basic Officer Leader’s Course 

“This Smartbook is intended to provide new Infantry lieutenants with the critical information required to be successful at IBOLC and to outline the standards of training within the ''Train the Leader" battalion. This Smartbook is intended to be used in conjunction with the Ranger Handbook. Both of these references will provide critical information to the students as they progress through IBOLC.”

IBLOC Leader Smartbook purpose


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“The mission of IBOLC is to educate and train Infantry Lieutenants who are competent, confident, and professional leaders; able to lead platoons to fight and win in any operational environment. The end state is a physically rugged, competent and confident Infantry Platoon leader proficient in basic skills who is adaptable, flexible and prepared to train and lead Infantry Platoons on any mission in any terrain.”

                                                                                                                       IBOLC Mission


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