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British troops set to hand frontline Afghanistan role to US

Leia aqui o artigo completo na edição de 09JAN10 do Times online.

Senior White House advisers are frustrated by what they say is the Pentagon’s slow pace in deploying 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and its inability to live up to an initial promise to have all of the forces in the country by next summer, senior administration officials said Friday. Tensions over the deployment schedule have been growing in recent weeks between senior White House officials - among them Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Gen. James L. Jones, the national security adviser, and Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff - and top commanders, including Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the senior commander in Afghanistan. A rapid deployment is central to President Obama’s strategy, to have a jolt of American forces pound the Taliban enough for Afghan security forces to take over the fight. Administration officials said that part of the White House frustration stemmed from the view that the longer the American military presence in Afghanistan continued, the more of a political liability it would become for Mr. Obama. But beyond the politics, the speeded up deployment - which Mr. Obama paired with a promise to begin troop withdrawals by July 2011 - is part of Mr. Obama’s so-called “bell curve” Afghanistan strategy, whereby American troops would increase their force in Afghanistan and step up attacks meant to quickly take out insurgents.

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